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First off, this review does contain spoilers 😉 When Melinda posted on FB that she was looking for reviewers for the last installment of the Sam and Saucer book series, I knew we had to jump at the chance! I am going to share the kids thoughts and then mine 😉 

DD9 – “Painting Angels was fun, my favorite character was Macrina. Saucer is a pretty enjoyable character, as always. I loved how they finally got along at the end of the book.”

DD11 – “Really good book. I like how Sam & Macrina became friends in the end. Overall I’d give it 4 stars”

DS13 – “I thought it was an overall good book, I like the part at the end with the story of the girl on the farm (Veronica). And Saucer, as usual, is a fun character.”

Painting Angels by Melinda Johnson is such a cute book and the perfect ending to the Sam and Saucer series. I love how she creates characters that are so very relatable to kids. I also love the nuns, especially Gerontissa. I’ve never been to a monastery myself, the idea intimidates me (not sure why – I should think on that one a bit more), I’d love to meet someone like Gerontissa if I did go though. My favorite lines in the book are when Sam & Macrina are arguing at the end of the book and Sam says, “The truth will set you free.” and Macrina says, “Love is the only rule.” and they are shouting it back and forth to each other and Macrina says, “It’s the same thing, Sam…We are saying the same thing.” A very simple and profound thought.

We also love Veronica Naasko’s description of her family farm at the back of the book. We have goats and chickens and dogs and a kitten, which made it more fun to read what Veronica’s days are like on her farm (I especially liked that she says she gets up early to care for the animals even when she doesn’t want to).

This is a short read and can be read in a sitting or two, or more 😉 We enjoyed taking turns reading Painting Angels over a few week period as we *finished up* our homeschool year. 

You can purchase the books individually or save 25% purchasing the 3 book set directly from Ancient Faith Publishing.

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